Highland Bagpipes


Product Description

The Glentanar Highland Bagpipe, Modern;

Our Solo Highland Chanter with solid titanium sole ring. The Glentanar Modern pipes come like all our other pipes with solid titanium mounts and ferrules as shown. Also shown is  a one off set made from African Blackwood with Mopane wooden mounts for display in the factory. Come and play the factory set.

Bagpipes Price £1650, African Blackwood Solo chanter £255

Our Highland bagpipe is based on a set of pipes made for Scott’s Great Grandfather, John McDougall Snr in the 1920s. We call them the Glentanar set, as that was where he was born. These pipes have a very unique tone and quality. They have been played continually since the day they were made!

We know something about the maker and where they were made. They are made from African Blackwood and Ivory. We have done an extensive review and produced a 3D computer model, so are confident that we understand why they work so well and use that information in all our instruments.