Border Pipes/Lowland Pipes/Reel Pipes


Product Description

Price £1’700

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Our Border Pipes/Lowland Pipes/Reel Pipes follow our slick and modern design.

They are made from African Blackwood and the mounts are made from Titanium. We have designed these pipes to have a mellow and steady tone. They come with a bass and two tenor drones in the key of A.

They are supplied with bellows and a carrying case. The reeds are proprietary Ezee Drone reeds for our pipes and we use a standard Border Pipes chanter reed.

The bag is our BB SSP-Border Hybrid pipe bag. This bag has been designed to suit both Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipes. The volume, girth profile and longer neck will give the player more freedom, especially when playing in sessions.

“Our customers expect our Bagpipes to last. You buy our Border Pipes with confidence as we guarantee our instruments for a generation”.

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