Bespoke Options

 Bespoke Sets

We produce professional quality instruments made from a variety of materials.
Our standard sets are produced with African blackwood and titanium but also use a range of other materials for bespoke sets.

Please email us if you if you have any requests at


African Blackwood, Mopane and Boxwood. We are very careful when choosing our suppliers. Our African Blackwood comes from a sawmill in Africa, where the musical grade wood is stored for up to 5 years in controlled conditions before it is ready for sale. The other wood we regularly use for SmallPipes and Border Pipes is Boxwood and Mopane which produces a very rich sound. Boxwood is a light coloured wood and has a very fine grain where Mopane is a denser and a brown coloured wood.

Mounts and Ferrules

We use Titanium as standard on our products because it is light, strong and does not corrode or tarnish. This material is also the first choice of engineers in the medical, aerospace and military industries and is used by jewelers for hard wearing precious metal applications.
Some of the other mounts we use are Imitation Ivory, Horn and Aluminium.

Email us at info@burgessbagpipes for any queries about Woods and Materials 

Because we have designed all our products, and have used the finest materials and manufacturing techniques we guarantee our instruments for 25 years (a generation). The Hay family Generation Guarantee.