About Us

We are a family business decades in the making, the product of generations of piping history and knowledge. Centered on that knowledge is piping legend John McDougall, renowned competitor, tutor and judge.

That tradition started in Sloch on the Ardnish peninsula near Arisaig back in the 1870’s with Alexander (Sandy) McDougall. He moved to Glen Tanar in 1903, where John McDougall Snr was born in 1906. John Snr was an accomplished piper and in 1936 his son, world champion piper John Alexander McDougall was born in Aberdeen. This piping tradition continues on to this day through his daughter Fiona and grandson Scott. For more information about John and the McDougall family please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

About our pipes

We make the best possible instruments, which means using the best materials, tools and techniques. With over thirty years design, manufacturing and business experience Burgess brings his knowledge and skill to turn raw materials into finished, working products. Scott has spent his whole life in engineering works run and owned by dad Burgess, so the lathe and mill are things he grew up with.

We are very careful when choosing our suppliers. Our African Blackwood comes from a sawmill in Africa, where the musical grade wood is stored for up to 5 years in controlled conditions before it is ready for sale.

We use Titanium as standard on our products because it is light, strong and does not corrode or tarnish. This material is also the first choice of engineers in the medical, aerospace and military industries and is used by jewelers for hard wearing precious metal applications.

Because we have designed our products, and have used the finest materials and manufacturing techniques we guarantee our instruments for 25 years (a generation). The Hay family Generation Guarantee.

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